Fluff Buddies welcomes the support and help of caring individuals. There are several ways to help.

Become a foster parent.

  • Provide a loving and caring home...kittens. Fluff Buddies pays for veterinary care and kitten formula. Foster families provide litter and food.
  • You can choose a single adult or a litter of kittens or something in between.
  • Transport the cats and/or kittens to veterinary appointments and adoption events. Volunteers often share transportation.

Be a short term / relief foster parent.

  • For people who travel a lot or can't make a longer term commitment.
  • Provide occasional backup care for foster parents.
  • Provide short term care until space is available in a regular foster home.
  • Assist in transporting cats and kittens to veterinary appointments and adoption events.

Assist at Events

  • Hold cats and kittens at adoption events.
  • Assist would-be adopters in the adoption process.
  • Set up and take down/clean up.
  • Provide general information to our visitors.


  • Assist in securing grants.
  • Solicit donations.
  • Coordinate Fundraisers.